VR 3D Print

This project required the class to create a 3D object in a virtual reality program that would be printed by a 3D printer. My finished piece is titled “Five Piece Dining Room Set” and was sculpted in Kodon on a Vive VR headset. The finished 3D model

I took a lot of inspiration for this piece from my research on sustainability for my Literature and Nature class that I was also taking this semester. I made this with the human impact and use of nature for our own needs. I named this piece “Five Piece Dining Room Set” because people are often only concerned with the end product nature can give us, not where it comes from or how it’s made.

I printed the model using a resin printer. The above images are of the model before UV light curing and before I trimmed the scaffolding.

These images are of the model after I trimmed all the scaffolding. It took between an hour and two hours to finish trimming all the scaffolding without breaking the piece.

After trimming and filing down some of the rough parts of the piece, I painted it to reflect the colors that I sculpted within the VR program.

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