3D VR Painting for 2D Printing

The following pieces were painted in Google’s virtual reality painting program, Tilt Brush, using a Vive headset. The task was to create compositions in the 3D space to eventually print in 2D mediums.

View from the Cliffs

This piece I made after using the tools in Tilt Brush and becoming inspired particularly by the smoke brush. The brush reminded me of sea foam and the rest of the painting grew organically around that idea.

After I finished the image in VR, I made both a cyanotype and digital print. I felt that the cyanotype would lend itself nicely to a seascape and the cool colors I used in the pieces. Both the prints were on display in the Student Leadership Center in the VR showcase from May 1 to May 5.

Strawberry Hills

This VR painting was inspired by the Beatles song “Strawberry Fields Forever.” I used forced perspective in the placement of the camera when I took the still image as well as decreasing size and detail the further things were from the camera. I chose to screenprint this piece because of the simplified color palette I worked with. I made a dozen prints, and chose the best one to display along with a digital print in the VR showcase.

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