Layered Time Personal

Sabrina Acla

Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Movements and Styles: Expressionism


Sabrina is currently a graphic design student at Alfred State College in Alfred, New York. She hopes to become a user interface designer and illustrator. Her art style can be considered expressionistic when using physical media but has a very systematic, patterned, and textile quality when working digitally.

Key Ideas

  • Sabrina has a strong connection to nature, with natural themes appearing in her work across mediums.

  • Several of Sabrina’s works are inspired by the passing of her older sister, manifesting in the personal symbol of dandelions.

  • Sabrina has made a lot of light-hearted pieces when they’re meant for showing others, feeling that putting too much emotion into a piece will make it difficult for the viewer to relate; when she does make more meaningful work, she makes the subject vague to allow viewers to project themselves into it.

Most Important Work

Still from installation piece “Echo Chamber,” 2016.

  • Her

“Her”, Acrylic on canvas, 2016

Still from an untitled video piece, 2017.


Sabrina grew up in a rural area with modest means. This gave her a deep appreciation for nature, a common theme in her work today. She often was outside playing make-believe, inside playing video games with her parents, or drawing and coloring. Her parents encouraged her creativity and artistic interest, often buying her sketchbooks and art kits. She was also exposed to a lot of animation from music videos that her parents watched. She grew up watching and reading a lot of fantasy media, being particularly fascinated with characters in Jim Henson movies.

When Sabrina was sixteen years old, her older sister Samantha passed away suddenly, making the remainder of her high school career difficult. Sabrina heavily associates dandelions with her sister’s memory, and the flower appears periodically in her work. Despite dealing with the deep impact of her sister’s passing, Sabrina graduated with honors from Tioga Central High School and continued her education at Alfred State College. Here, she is in her third year of the Graphic and Media Design program, having already earned an associate’s degree in Digital Media and Animation. She also sits on the Alfred State Drama Club’s Executive Board as the Public Relations Chair.


Heinz Edelmann (Knudde):

Illustrator and designer whose most notable work was the illustrations for the movie 1968 “Yellow Submarine.”

Brian Froud (Froud):

Fantasy illustrator, concept, and costume designer, well known for his work with Jim Henson’s Creature Shop for the movies Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal.

Goni Montes (Montes):

Illustrator and comic artist who utilizes vibrant color in his work.


*The layout and structure of this post are modeled after those found on The Art Story.

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