Simplified Cell Phone Website Draft

This website design was made for a hypothetical business that sells simplified cell phones. The color orange in the color design was chosen through a random hex code generator, and the gray was chosen to contrast the bright orange. I kept the layout of the website straight forward, to appeal to the business’s target demographic, people 80 years or older who want a simple, straightforward cell phone.

desktop all.png

Mobile site design:

In the process of designing a logo, I tried to appeal to a sense of simplicity while adding a modern cellphone aspect. I immediately thought of a rotary phone, since my target audience would be familiar with that concept. I added the three curved lines to show that the phone was giving off a cellular signal, linking the two concepts together. After a couple initial logo drafts, I simplified the logo to what is seen the in site’s design. It’s a zoom in on the earpiece of a landline phone with signal bars emitting from it. The arcs in this design all mimic each other, creating a simplistic but engaging design because of difference in scale and line weight.

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