Sound Design Videos

This is a series of videos I made previously and added sound design to them using Adobe Audition.

A short audio clip made in Adobe Audition. I made this using three tracks: snapping my fingers, crinkling a candy wrapper, and making a pop noise with my mouth. I mixed the three sounds in Audition, adding filters to the crackle and just repeating and overlapping the snaps and pops. This is my first time working in Audition, and while there is going to be a learning curve, I’m sure I’ll get more comfortable after playing with the program and create better and more interesting work than this initial experiment.

This video is the countdown video I previously made, now with sound. I used Adobe Audition to edit the sounds, each number animation having a unique sound effect. All the sounds I used are royalty free sound clips from My goal was to make each number have a unique sound effect, just like I gave each one a unique animation.

The above video is the animation of the Yukon Quest logo I designed appearing and disappearing with sound added. The wind sound is from; the pencil scratches were recorded by me. Sound editing was done in Adobe Audition. My goal with this sound design was to have it match closely to what the gesture of the animation was, so I aimed to make it sound like it was being drawn on and then blown away.

This is the looping Yukon Quest logo animation with sound. All sound clips are from Sound editing for this was also done in Adobe Audition. I wanted to make an immersive, ambient sound for this logo. I used sounds of wind and a river flowing for the main sound design, adding the sounds of several dogs barking and editing them to make it sound like the dogs are passing by the listener.

The above video’s sound design was done in the same way I went about the visuals; it starts out very harshly, then progressively becomes softer and more natural. This reflects how I feel about the week as it progresses toward Saturday.

For this video’s sound, I wanted to mimic the sounds of a storm that gets more intense before clearing up. To make the wind sounds, I used and edited white noise generated by Audacity. The rain was made by dropping dried lavender twigs onto a sheet of paper, and the thunder was generated by shaking a piece of paper.

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