Yukon Quest Logo Animated

Starting with the original¬†Adobe Illustrator file, I made two animations of one of my possible Yukon Quest logo. For the first one, I used masks on each separate layer to create a drawing effect. This works very nicely because the type of brush I used to make the logo already has a very painterly feel to it. For the disappearing, I used masks again to “wipe” away the logo one element at a time.

For this looping animation, I used a mask and the wave warp effect to make the river flow through the Q; I then used a particle effect to create the falling snow. The rest of the logo remains static through the animation.

The above is the appear and disappear animation, with the mask of the “Q” made to have it drawn more naturally.

Here is the loop animation edited so the height of the river’s waves are smaller; the mask is improved on the river to make it flow behind the lower portion of the “Q.”

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