Simplified Cellphone Site

This is a website designed for a hypothetical client that sells simplified cell phones. The design choices I made are based on the supposed target demographic of this company, which is people over the age of 80. The challenge that was set forth was to use a color from a random hex code generator in the main color scheme of the website. The color that I got from the generator was the orange.

Since I ended up with suck a bright, saturated color, I decided to use it sparingly. The rest of the color scheme is black, gray, and white. This combination of neutral colors with the saturated accents balances the page and doesn’t make it too overwhelming for someone trying to use the site.

The website’s layout is very straightforward, with no complex navigation or parallax scrolling techniques used. This is to ensure, again, that the user of the website can navigate the site easily, getting the desired information as quickly as they can.

First iteration

Final iteration

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