Yukon Quest Logo Drafts

For this project, I’m designing a logo for the Yukon Quest dog sled race in Alaska. 

The first possible logo presented incorporates the scenery of the Yukon’s mountains and rivers, with a monogram of “YQ” incorporated into the forms. The blue for the river is an obvious choice in color, and the gold of the mountains harkens back to the gold prospectors of the region’s history. This design has quite a bit of movement thanks to the line of the river. It also has a bit of a rustic feel due to the brush I used in Adobe Illustrator, lining up with Alaska being considered the last frontier of the United States.


Small logo


Mid-sized logo


Large logo

For this second possible logo, I experimented with similar line weights, with one line being dashed for more dimension. The mountains again are like those along the race’s trail, with the gold mountain meant to be a sort of goal in the distance. The blue I used is to invoke a feeling of cold. This logo is much more simplistic than my other design.


Small logo


Mid-sized logo


Large logo

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