Color Matters

I attended the color theory lecture “Color Matters” in the Orvis Auditorium given by Ivy Stevens-Gupta on February 9, 2017. It was a pretty straightforward discussion, going over basic color theory. Stevens-Gupta then talked about color theory in action, such as the symbolism of the “Blue City” in Morocco; the entire city is made up of blue architecture, which is meant to symbolize it as a haven for people of the Jewish faith. She went over several basic colors and the symbolism associated with each.

The lecture and the work presented in the Hinkle Library presented by Stevens-Gupta relates very similarly to the design work I am learning to do here at Alfred. The discussion of how colors make people feel is important when you want to get a message across in a logo or a web page. Stevens-Gupta pointed out that color is the strongest form of nonverbal communication and that most people make snap judgments based on color alone. This is important to keep in mind when designing anything that others will see. She also said that blue is the “safest” color to work with for international logos; different cultures have different color symbolism, but blue seems to be well received worldwide. This was something I found interesting and that will probably be at the back of my mind throughout my career. Although Stevens-Gupta went over some things that I had already learned, there were obviously a few insights that were new to me and will be helpful in the future.

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