Intermediate 3D Animation Self Critique

When I started my Intermediate 3D Animation class in September 2016, I was intimidated as I had had some harrowing experiences with Autodesk Maya previously. Though animating in Maya wasn’t as difficult as I had thought, I still had some issues. Throughout the semester, I struggled with timing, joints that popped and wobbled, arms and legs ¬†being too straight, ease-in and ease-out, and the strength of my poses. I gradually improved on several of these, taking more time with my animations and paying closer attention to my reference footage. I also learned that it helps to get up and do the action you’re animating yourself, as well as using a mirror to see what certain motions look like. By the end of the semester, as you can see by the demo reel, I’ve improved in many of the areas that I struggled with, especially giving my character stronger and exaggerated poses. Despite my improvement, I still need to work on implementing ease-in and ease-out and avoid haveing joints wobble and pop in my animations. With continued practice, I hope that these flaws will become less and less noticeable¬†until they are not there at all.


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