In the Woods

For this animatic, I really wanted the audience to feel like they were following a person in something personal to them, and maybe even something that was rebellious. In retrospect, I think the piece feels calm and is something like watching a parent or another person go about their work without acknowledging you, but not uncomfortable knowing that you’re there. I think that a lot of that feeling has to do with the soundtrack that I created, along with the white line work on the black background. The soundtrack was created before the visuals and features primarily ambient sounds that one would hear in the forest at night, with sounds of the action intermingling therein.

At the end, I wanted to break that feeling of safety when the shadow passes over the young woman’s face while she’s writing. There is now an unwelcome guest added to the situation, one that the viewer never sees. This was intentional, and I want the viewer to be curious about who or what the shadow could be with the open ending, and why they or it had interrupted the intimate setting.

This animatic was screened at the Production I Student Film Festival at Alfred State College in December 2016 and at the Alfred State College Student Showcase on April 26, 2017.

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