Figure and Motion: Creation Comic


Adobe Photoshop, 17″ x 22″, 2016
Adobe Photoshop, 17″ x 22″, 2016
Graphite and Ink on Bristol Board, 2016

In my comic, I chose a section from the Jicarilla Apache creation story. I chose to have the first scene to not have a panel border to give an introductory feel to it as well as make the creation spirit seem like a separate entity. The overlapping panels are used to show that they are directly one after another, with the gutters used to show some time passing between the panels. For the art style, I borrowed the patterns and colors used on the animals from the Jicarilla’s beadwork and pottery. I also referenced pottery for the bead work on the spirit’s vest and beadwork for his face paint and designed his clothing and hair after images of Apache chiefs.

I’ve grown as an artist and improved because of the Figure and Motion course. I look up reference images more often than I used to, and I’ve gotten better at drawing what I see as opposed to what I expect, as I’ve used several images to get the perspectives correct in this project. I’ve also used this course to improve as a digital artist, tracing over my scanned sketch and then coloring in Adobe Photoshop. Overall, I feel that I’ve benefitted from taking this course.

(Link to creation story)

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