Acrylic, Craft Fur, Doll Hair, and Fabric on Balsa Wood

This marionette is based on my Greek astrological sign, Capricorn. The Capricorn is based on the goat that suckled the infant Zeus. I tried to incorporate earthy tones in the design while still keeping the aquatic elements, as Capricorn is associated with the element of Earth but the fish tail equates it to water. The fluid movement of the tail and the long, flowing hair make the marionette very reminiscent of a traditional mermaid, but the added elements of the goat eyes, face, and fur make it a unique take on the expectations of an aquatic creature.

The three-dimensional design that I’ve learned has helped me think of the character that I and others make in a different way. I think about how the character will look from every angle and about how it interacts in space with other characters and objects. This is beneficial to my future work in the Digital Media and Animation program, as I now have a fuller understanding and appreciation of how a character should be designed and keeps me mindful of how they should interact in space.



Installation in the Hinkle Library, Alfred State, Alfred NY
April 13, 2016
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