Figure and Motion: Canon Project Character Backstory

Yildiz was born of a Persian father and Greek mother (who was said to be a direct descendant of the deities Ares and Harmonia, much like the Amazons), Yildiz was the only daughter of nine children. Her birth killed her mother, so Yildiz’s father turned a blind eye when she took abuse from her older brothers. On her eleventh birthday, a procession of fierce woman warriors were marching through the city of Izmir, where Yildiz’s father was a wealthy merchant and training his sons to do the same. Yildiz was inspired by the powerful and strong woman that even men in her city respected and feared. She was also scared of the negotiations she overheard her father making with his colleagues to marry her off when she was of age. Tired of abusive brothers and a neglectful father who would soon sell her into marriage with a much older man, Yildiz snuck from her home that night and followed the procession of Amazons. By mid-morning the next day, the scouts had spotted her. She was taken to the general, Sophia, and Yildiz begged and pleaded with her to become an Amazonian as well. Touched by her story, Sophia adopted Yildiz as her own daughter and trained her with the other girls when they returned to Ephesus.

Yildiz was ostracized by most of the woman and girls, because of both her Persian complexion inherited from her father and the fact that she was an outsider brought in. This fuelled Yildiz to train harder and become the fiercest warrior to ever walk the ranks of the Amazons. She soon proved herself in her early training but refused to rest on her laurels. It was believed that she was instilled with the spirit of the god of war himself, yet she was as gentle and kind as Harmonia out of combat. She eventually fought courageously for her adopted mother, and even went on to lead women into battle herself, gaining fame and admiration from her contemporaries. Her queen, impressed with Yildiz’s excellence, made her the protector of the temple of Artemis, the most sacred place in Ephesus. Yildiz accepted her new role, vowing to punish those who would dare desecrate the temple and the sacred items within.

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