Intro to 3-D Design Origami Robot “Cole”


Cole is a coal-powered robot that was programmed to perform heavy lifting and digging on construction sites.

Though coal-powered robots became obsolete decades ago and were sold for scrap or spare parts, Cole was preserved because of the son of a wealthy businessman. The boy saw Cole on the job one day and pleaded with his father to have one. The construction robot then became a giant plaything, eventually being put into storage after the boy grew into a man.

Cole was later found by a group of homeless people, long after the family that owned him had forgotten about him. The group of hoboes thought he was a giant coal stove and lit a fire in his belly, rebooting his systems. Cole now goes about his duties as before, only being out of place amongst his electric powered predecessors. The locals in the city marvel at him and find him an antique oddity rather than a nuisance, so he is allowed to continue arriving at construction zones to lend a helping hand whenever he can.

The modularity in this design comes from the several different origami elements. Each piece has its own purpose, but they all come together to make the robot. They are easily pulled together through the unifying color scheme that is derived from the robot’s them. The dark and neutral colors throughout the design allude to the coal powered aspect of the robot as well as the material such a robot would be made of. The red chimney is instantly recognizable and again leads to the assumption that something is burned to power the robot. The chimney also fills the space in which one would expect a face. The fact that Cole has no face adds to the fact that he isn’t anything remotely close to a free-thinking artificial intelligence unit; the absence of a face makes it clear that he is merely a pre-programmed machine.

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