Figure and Motion Journal #3


Charcoal on Newsprint


Charcoal on Newsprint

In Chapter Three of Understanding Comics,¬†McCloud says that he and other children believed that the whole world as just a show put on for them and that if they weren’t present to see something, it didn’t exist anymore. I myself believed this as a child and sometimes entertain the idea now as an adult. He uses this anecdote to introduce the phenomenons of faith (believing something is there even if we can’t observe it with our 5 senses) and closure (filling in information when we’re presented with gaps); closure is used in comics, as some panels are separated by “the gutter” and rely on the human imagination to make up what happened between the two panels. This is interesting to me, because it adds a flexibilty to what the comic artist means, as each person’s imagination will produce a different action to put in the gutter and have varying degrees of detail.

In Chapter Four, McCloud explains that we’ve been trained to read comics in a way that equates space with time. This made me think about how even when a scene is drawn in one panel, I read it from left to right (or right to left, or up to down, depending on the comic) and associate the path my eye takes with the passage of time.

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