Ink on Mat Board, 9″

In making this phenakistoscope, I strived to make the motion of the fish as smooth as possible. This was a challenge, as I didn’t have a way to compare the images on top of one another using a tracing table, only being able to “eyeball” the images next to each other.
I used a short video of a fish jumping out of water for reference when the fish is above the water; to make the underwater portion, I mirrored the movement of when the fish was out of the water. The bubbles below the fish were easier to draw, as they are mere circles that follow a simple path up and down in the water. The sun is meant to be stationary to emphasize the movement of the fish and the bubbles though it does wobble a bit as it varies slightly from wedge to wedge. Overall, my phenakistoscope moves in a smooth and understandable manner.

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