Pattern and Layering


Gouache on Tyvek, 12″ x 36″

Patterns are created by repeating a simple shape. This repetition can create depth, volume and even texture. My design uses layers of patterns using different shapes to create a sense of depth. The first layer is made up of spirals within squares. The next pattern used is one of hexagons, and the final layer is large four-pointed stars.

Along with layered patterns, color adds dimension to an image. Use of bright colors adds vibrancy while darker, neutral┬ácolors give a design a richer quality. This work contains a significant amout of intensity change and value shift. The darks created by mixing complimentary colors make several shades of browns and greys; these are pushed to the foreground and attract the viewers focus. The bright value shifts settle in the background, emphasizing the dark L-shaped pattern and drawing the viewer’s eye.

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