Glitch Artist Phillip Stearns

Phillip Stearn is a glitch artist who creates audio visual performances, electronic sculptures, light and sound installations, glitch textiles, and digital images through the methods of deconstruction, reconfiguration, and extension. He describes his work using “electronic technologies and electronic media as tools to explore dynamic relationships between ideas and material as mobilized within complex and interconnected societies” (source). “Year of the Glitch” is a glitch-a-day project by Stearn in which he digitally produced various manifestations of glitches from staged and found images both intentionally and unintentionally(source). The images are not recognizable objects or scenes, and look like corrupted files. There are several images that are monochromatic and gifs that appear to be broken. Stearn’s glitch textiles are very pixelated and filled with different lines of color, reflecting his digital work. He uses these textiles to make a connection between the “invisible world” of technology and the tangible world(source). This linking between the digital and real world is a recurring theme in much of Stearn’s work.

year of the glitch 1

year of the glitch 2

year of the glitch 3

(images source)
Stearn’s glitch art from “Year of the Glitch” series

glitch textiles blankets
(image source)
glitch textiles runway
(image source)
Examples of Stearn’s glitch textiles
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