{appear:up:here} by Flatsitter


The gallery installation {appear:up:here} by the artist duo Flatsitter combined relaxing music and a light show to create a therapeutic environment. Four music tracks were used in this installation: “undualata asperatus,” “mammatocumulus,” “stratus translucidus,” and “cirrus fibratus.” These are all names of clouds to reflect the ethereal overall feeling when one is in the exhibit, as one is surrounded by colorful light and mosquito nets gently blown by a cool breeze created by a fan. The exhibit conveys tranquility to several of the senses.

The light show in the exhibit was interactive and the patron could move the perspective shown of different colored lines at will. If no one was interacting with the piece, the lines seemed to float as if they were being moved by a calm breeze. In this way, they were very similar to clouds on a sunny day. In the corner of the room, opposite the wall the light was being projected on, was a light box that read “You are made of light.” It was a humbling yet profound phrase to reflect on, especially when surrounded by soft, calming lights.

The mosquito nets hung from the ceiling in the installation added to the atmosphere. As they moved gently in the artificial yet gentle breeze, the nets caught some of the colored lights. The nets were very cloud-like, giving the patron a feeling of floating high above the earth. One was compelled to sit and stare at the serene beauty.

The music playing in the background pulled the experience of {appear:up:here} together. The tones were ethereal and calming. The tones were dulcet and were reminiscent of meditation music. The lights and the mosquito nets danced to the music, encompassing the audience in a completely relaxing environment. Even if one were to close his or her eyes, the feeling of total calm would still wash over them as they listened to only the music.

{appear:up:here} was an experience that was designed to give the audience an opportunity to tune out from the rest of the world. The dream-like movements of the colored lights hypnotized viewers. Looking at the gentle breeze blowing the mosquito nets imitated the feeling of cloud watching. The music calmed the nerves and relaxed the mind. All this combined transported the patrons to a place far above the clouds, creating a truly ethereal sensation that left one feeling refreshed and rested.

{appear:up:here}. Flatsitter. Alfred State University, Alfred, New York, September 2015.

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