Spacial Translation with Shapes

interpretations for wordpress

                                                             Photoshop, 13.8″ x 9.2″, 2015

photos for wordpress

                                                      Photography, 13.8″ x 13.8″, 2015

I set out to abstract a space with circles and squares. The squares represent buildings, walls, sidewalks, windows, and a tree trunk; the circle is used to represent the tree’s leaves. Texture is given to the leaves by filling them with smaller circles, giving the cells of the leaves shaded appearance. To unify the theme of my interpretation I made a blue color scheme for the sky. Although these interpretations are abstract, one can identify the tree and the buildings easily.

The shapes in the abstractions are plain, giving the piece a simplistic feeling and the colors used are basic, bright, and childlike, adding to the simplicity of the abstractions. While they are uncomplicated, the shapes induce a sense of depth through linear perspective. The patterns on the leaves of the trees in the abstractions give them the impression of movement and energy. Although these shapes are simple, they invoke a feelings of a bright day.


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