Map of Alfred

first map

                               Graphite and ink on Bristol Vellum, 11″ x 14″


                                    Photoshop and photography, 21.5″ x 16.8″

For the first interpretation of my map of Alfred, I went by myself to collect library cards from the Scholes and Herrick Libraries on the morning of Tuesday the 8th starting from my dorm room in MacKenzie South. Later that day, I went with a friend to see the King Alfred Statue, the sculpture park, and the Terra Cotta as well as get a coffee card from the Terracotta Coffee House. My intent with my first map was to make the path I traveled stand out from the background along with the places I visited. This is why the footprints marking my path and the icons representing the places are in ink and the roads and other buildings’ silhouettes are in graphite. While this added contrast to the piece, it washed out the background, making it hard to see.

In the second interpretation, I stuck with the idea of making the path and the places stand out. This time, I only have the footprints and the icons, adding pictures that I took with my friend and those of my library and coffee cards. This map has more of a treasure map feel to it, thanks to the parchment paper background and the font chosen for the key and title. This interpretation is more personal, as I have added my self into it through the photos. It is more colorful and lively than the first attempt and an overall improvement.


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