Journal Entry #1

Time Management Sheet Aug 31- Sept 6
In Simon Sinek’s TEDtalk lecture titled “How Great Leaders Inspire Action,” he discusses what makes some people and companies more successful than others. It isn’t surprising that successful leaders think differently from those who are not; how they think differently is explained through the “Golden Circle.” The Circle is composed of three rings, the outermost being what one is trying to advertise to people, the middle ring how one makes the what, and the innermost ring is why one is making the what. Sinek explains that most people think from the outside and work their way in when advertising to their audience; this doesn’t sell the product, service, or idea effectively, as the audience is told what is being sold and how it is different from other brands. Successful people, on the other hand, work from the inside out of the Golden Circle when addressing their audience; they tell people why they make a product first, then say how it will be better than the competitors’ version, leaving the what for last. This technique persuades people to buy the product, because people will buy something based on if they agree why it was made over what is being made. My own why as of right now is to learn skills that will enable me to get a good job in the field of animation. The how of this is learning interact with my audience as well as hone artistic and technologic skills while at college. The what is getting an education, mentioned in along with the why. In the future, I believe the why, how, and what of my goals will undoubtedly change, but as long as I surround myself and work with others who have the same views as I do, I know that I can be successful in whatever I do.

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